Traffic Tickets

We can help you  with all traffic offences

Provincial Offences

We help with all kinds of provincial offences

Small Claims

We can handle all small claims disputes

Landlord / Tenant

Landlord and Tenant disputes

Summary Criminal

We help with Summary Criminal Offences

Liquor Offences

Liquor Offences - yes, we handle those too

It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you are faced with a legal problem. It would be a terrible idea to do wiring or plumbing in your house, or perform surgery on your pet, unless you are qualified to do so.

The same rule applies to most legal matters - whether it be a speeding ticket, a careless driving charge, a criminal charge, an eviction or even if you need to sue a person or corporation - one must realize the importance of getting proper representation, or at least proper advice.

But what about affordability? A Licensed Paralegal can often help you for a lot less money than you'd expect!

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